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Subject: CSU Continues to Feel Pressure of Proposed Budget Cuts
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All Californians are feeling the pinch of our tough economic times and CSU is not exempt. As you know, Governor Brown and the legislature have been grappling with an estimated $26 billion budget shortfall to put our state back on track. For the CSU our best case scenario is a cut of almost 18% -- or $500 million in 2011-12. As a supporter of California State University Chico we want to update you on the situation and let you know how we are ensuring that our budget decisions reflect our commitment to serve students.

The CSU faces a reduction that puts our state funding support at the level of ten years ago – but we are serving 70,000 more students. Our goal is to continue to serve all of our students with a quality education that is essential so that students can complete their degrees and enter the workforce well-prepared for their future. At CSU Chico, we currently need to look at ways in which we can bridge our portion of the gap.

What’s Next- Possible $1 Billion Cut
In addition to the already proposed cuts to our campus and the CSU system, if the legislature cannot come to a consensus on the budget and the voters don’t approve the tax extensions that we hope will be on a June ballot the CSU could be facing double the amount of cuts. That would mean a $1 billion reduction in funding to the system or one-third of our total state support. If this happens, tens of thousands of qualified students will be denied admission to the CSU.

Join Us in Advocating for Education
We thank you for your hard work as advocates for the CSU. But, as the budget deliberations continue, we need to remain vigilant in keeping CSU on the legislature’s radar and a high priority for elected officials. We promise to keep you informed of the budget and its specific impact to CSU Chico, and commit to serving students to the best of our ability.
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